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Canada's Single-Use Plastics Ban

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

This week, Canada announced that it will ban single-use plastic items including straws by December 2022. Why this is important and why better alternatives need to be talked about more:

Great Move To Flight Pollution and Climate Change

The ban covers the manufacturing and importing of harmful single-use plastic checkout bags; cutlery; foodservice ware; ring carriers; stir sticks; and straws. Most of these items today are made from fossil fuel-based plastics such as Polyethylene (PE) and Polypropylene (PP). These materials do not break down efficiently in our environment and end up sitting in landfills for hundreds and thousands of years. If they are burned with other trash, they would release toxic gases into the environment. This law is a great move to fight plastic pollution and climate change!

Paper straws are not the best alternative to harmful plastics

In the Canadian government's 'Guidance for selecting alternatives', it mentions paper straws as a potential alternative. We want to point out that paper straws are really not the best alternative. Paper straws often add a weird taste to drinks and get soggy within minutes. Also, since paper straws are made by cutting down trees, deforestation presents a big environmental issue.

The feel of plastic without the environmental impact

OMAO biodegradable straws are made of PHA (Polyhydroxyalkanoates), a naturally-occurring material derived from vegetable oil, and are a better alternative to paper products. PHA is a type of bioplastic that will naturally break down to CO2 and H2O. We believe PHA is the best substitute for conventional fossil fuel-derived plastics. Unlike paper straws, OMAO straws do not get soggy and they feel like regular plastic. After disposal, the straw will naturally disappear in about 90 days!

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